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.... Technique for Polyurethane-technnology...
 in Hungary. Our name: Easy Polyurethane Technique ltd.
Contact: Mr Elek Nemeth (CTO), e-mail: e@sy.hu; Tel:+36 30 9928663
yes, it is easy, e@sy.hu !
The Easy Polyurethane Technique ltd. more than 15 years of professional experience as the technical support for Hungarian polyurethane technologies. Our plant is in  Solymar, Hungary (near Budapest).
From abroad generally we are contracted to build Polyurethane mixing machines, re-installation of PUR technology or tank-farms, PUR or other technology transfer, end-cleaning and disassemble of PUR technology. 
These are our fields of expertise, and we can assist in contacting the Hungarian polyurethane industry and find opportunities.
Our references:
FORD (B), BMV (D), Trocellen (It, Ru, Hu), BASF (H), Jonson Controll (H, SK), Isoplus (H, RO, SRB), Electrolux (H, S), IBV (H), FEHRER (H), FRIMO (H)...
Easy Polyurethane Technique ltd
Head office & works:2083 Terstyanszky str. 89, Solymár, Hungary (ship-to address) 
VAT No: HU 12591107
Registered office: 2084 Klapka str. 43, Pilisszentivan, Hungary
ISO 9001 

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